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Risk Management of MDC Runs for Covid-19


MDC has always worked on the basis that we are all responsible for our own risks and safety. Covid 19 adds to that the risks we might unknowingly pose to others. In the spirit of self-sufficiency and respect for others, we’ve had to put in some new rules for Tuesday night runs, in line with Welsh Athletics guidance – take a read below, and see what you need to do:


  1. For each run there must be a nominated person in charge prior to the run. This ensures that one person is accountable. That person will be a central point of contact and will be an experienced member of the club. They will be responsible for safety on the mountain once club members have gathered. S/he will be responsible for the safety of runners relating to the mountain environment and also for Covid-19 safety. They will have the power to cancel a run should they consider it unsafe for running due to terrain or weather or if they consider it unsafe from the risk of virus transmission
  2. The person responsible will ensure a register is taken of all those running. This is for contact tracing purposes should a runner later test positive. It will also ensure that everyone who arrives on the run is accounted for at the end. Late arrivals whose name is not on the list cannot join the run in either a formal or informal manner. This list should include a full name and address and contact details of the next of kin in event of an emergency. The responsible person should carry a first aid kit which includes personal protective equipment and should know how to don and doff this equipment safely.
  3. All runners will carry an I.C.E card (In Case of Emergency). This will have space on the front for contact details and next of kin. On the back there will be space to record medical information should a runner wish to disclose this. The responsible person will photograph the front of the ICE card prior to the run so as to keep a register and this will be kept for 28 days.
  4. All runners need to remain socially distanced at all times before, during and after the run. This should be a minimum of 2 metres but may need to be more when standing/running downwind of another person. This is especially important in car parks.
  5. No runner will attend a club run if they are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, cough, loss of sense of taste/smell). If a runner has been a contact of someone with symptoms of Covid-19 or with a positive test they also cannot attend within 14 days.
  6. Runners should not share kit or transport unless this is compliant with Welsh Government guidance. They should arrive separately and depart separately (unless they are from the same household).
  7. We do not provide toileting facilities and therefore runners should ensure that they arrive not in need of using toileting facilities.
  8. Run locations should avoid busy sites and narrow paths where maintaining social distancing would prove problematic.
  9. Runners should show courtesy to other club members and other hill users and should pass others to facilitate social distancing or allow others to pass by moving to one side.
  10. Runners should bring their own hand sanitiser for cleaning hands after running, especially if they have handled gates or stiles.
  11. Runners should carry all equipment they may need during the run themselves. This includes waterproofs, body covering, drink, food, torches and first aid.
  12. Runners should stay within sight of each other at all times. If splitting into faster and slower groups, then no group should consist of less than 2 people. At least one person in each group should be an experienced member of the club.
  13. If a runner is injured the responsible person should be informed. If they need help with first aid and social distancing protocol needs to be broken, then any person providing assistance should wear personal protective equipment including face covering and gloves. All runners should carry these for their own safety and the protection of others.
  14. Runners should try to be self-sufficient in the event of an accident to prevent the need for unnecessary calls to emergency services or mountain rescue.
  15. This guidance will be distributed to all members. Attendance on a club run is conditional upon a runner’s agreement with this guidance.
  16. The responsible person will have the authority to remove a runner from the club activity should they behave in a way which s/he considers puts others at risk. Failure to provide full contact details will be such an example.

In summary, to attend a club run you must;

    1. Read and agree all the above points
    2. Complete an I.C.E. card and allow the responsible person to copy the details on the front
    3. Carry face covering and gloves
    4. Carry a basic first aid kit and mobile phone

Dr Alan Stone has written previously about what might constitute a useful basic first aid kit for a runner in the hills – read it here


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You can use the template HERE to make your own ICE card – you’ll probably to laminate it…


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