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Date Nearest Post Code W3W Run Area Near GR Length Climb Nearest Post Code W3W
09/11/21 CF35 6NW stint.snacks.gasping Mynydd y Gaer South-west Pen coed SS968859 9.5km 350m CF35 6NW stint.snacks.gasping
23/11/21 NP11 7FE correctly.inch.carver Cwmcarn South-east Risca ST230935 12.6km 350m NP11 7FE correctly.inch.carver
07/12/21 CF44 9JT loitering.squad.successes Moel Penderyn North-west Penderyn SN945088 10.0km 510m CF44 9JT loitering.squad.successes
21/12/21 TBC TBC Mari Lwyd South-east Cardiff       TBC TBC
04/01/22 CF48 1YZ edges.class.slimy Gethin Bike Park Wales North-west Merthyr Tydil SO060030 11.8km 520m CF48 1YZ edges.class.slimy
18/01/22 CF33 4PT riverside.finds.distanced Kenfig South-west Pyle SS802811 10.2km 50m CF33 4PT riverside.finds.distanced
01/02/22 LD3 8NL tens.fairway.realm Pen y Fan North-west Storey Arms SN982202 8.3km 510m LD3 8NL tens.fairway.realm
15/02/22 CF40 2RH blitz.reef.minivans Pant-y-Wal South-west Tonypandy SS987927 10.5km 490m CF40 2RH blitz.reef.minivans
01/03/22 NP7 7HU flamenco.rinse.washing Sugar Loaf (south) North-east Abergavenny SO288166 10.5km 600m NP7 7HU flamenco.rinse.washing
15/03/22 CF72 8GX sprayed.additives.stance Llantrisant South-west Llantrisant ST024847 440m CF72 8GX sprayed.additives.stance
29/03/22 NP11 7BD boarded.waxing.exits Sirhowy Country Park South-east Crosskeys ST212913 11.1km 520m NP11 7BD boarded.waxing.exits