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Some people run for the physical grit and challenge. Some run for the love of the hills. Others want the sheer physical thrill of bombing downhill at full pace. Fell running is hard work, and deeply rewarding.


If you’d like to try fell running for the first time, come run with us on a Tuesday night session: just email Gary on to find out more. MDC is an open and friendly club, and new members are always welcome. Some sessions are more suited to beginners than others, and we can advise on a good time to come.


Joining MDC costs £5 per year, and is open to adults over 18. We also encourage you to join Welsh Athletics – you’ll find more info on the form. Click the button below to sign up!

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We also encourage members to join the Welsh Fell Runners’ Association – a central hub for all Welsh fell running, and a great resource to find out about upcoming races.


Want to learn to navigate with map and compass? Why not consider visiting our friends at South Wales Orienteering Club, and give orienteering a try.

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Tuesday night runs – when should I come?


If you’re new to fell running, we’ve listed some of the more accessible runs below, and these are perfect for people to come and give it a try. There’s one every 3-4 weeks in the summer, so get in touch with Gary and put it in the calendar… In the winter, if people are completely new to fell running we encourage them to try running in the daytime before starting headtorch runs…


What do I need to bring?


Running in the hills comes with some inherent risks, and you are responsible for your own safety. You should bring clothing appropriate to the conditions, including shoes with decent grip, and waterproofs as needed. Also, a headtorch for night runs. Just ask on facebook for kit advice.


How far do you run?


Tuesday night runs are usually in the region of 9-12km, and are always off-road.


Will I be able to keep up?


There is usually a fast and a steady group. As a rule of thumb, if you can run a 5km Parkrun in 25mins or so, you’ll be just fine.


I haven’t got a car – can I still come?


Just ask on facebook, and we’ll try to sort you a lift. Winter runs from Taffs Well are easily accessible by train. Worst case scenario, we usually manage to find a burnt-out old banger somewhere along the route.