Cambrian Way – MDC 40th anniversary relay – 24-27th May 2019

UPDATE 4th March 2019


So we have been route planning, and have the whole thing mapped out. Gary Davies has been working his spreadsheet magic, looking at timings and legs.

And so what we need now are firm commitments from YOU the runners… Could you let us know if you are keen and committed?

Here’s the info again:
– We’re running it as a non-stop relay from Conwy Castle in the north all the way to Cardiff along the hilly bits of Wales, following the Cambrian Way.
– The route passes through Carneddau, Glyders, Snowdon, Moelwyns, Rhinogs, Cadair Idris, Mid-Wales, the Beacons, Black Mountains, the valleys, and back to Cardiff. it’s a real ‘all the best hills of Wales’ hit list.
– This would be the third time MDC has done the relay, the last time in 2004… It’s becoming a tradition!
– We’re doing it Late May Bank Holiday weekend, with the first runners departing at dawn on Friday 24th May. We’re aiming to finish by lunchtime on Monday 27th (bank holiday)
– There’s a big variety of legs available, from short road sections upto a 20km section across the Rhinogs. Something for everyone.
– We’ll run the relay as a club (it’s quite a big undertaking!), but we’ll do it in shifts so that people get some down time in between legs. It’ll be run in pairs of similar pace.
– Once we know who’s in, we’ll assign legs. This means you know what you’re in for, and also will have a chance to recce it in advance if you can.
– If you can’t do all four days but are still keen, just let us know what you can do, and we’ll see what we can work out.
– If we don’t have enough runners taking part, we won’t be able to do it…

So, let us know on facebook if you’re definitely in, and any questions, just ask away!




The Cambrian Way

Having reached the grand old age of 40, MDC plans to celebrate its anniversary with a relay of the full Cambrian Way, running coast to coast from Cardiff to Conwy. That is 468km and approximately 23.6km of ascent, largely without waymarkings – that’s double the Pennine way.


There are a range of route alternatives, but take a look at some of the options:




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