MDC AGM 2016 – minutes

MDC AGM 2016 – minutes

Mynyddwr de Cymru AGM Minutes

Tuesday 15th November 2016

The Darren, Risca

Attendees: Karen Elvers, Gareth Jones, Mark Saunders, Alice Bedwell, Chris Jones, Emma Battensby, Nick Dallimore, Gary Davies, Lucy Baker, Andy Stott, Gill Stott, Oliver Lamford, Mark Buxton, Matt Stott, Martyn Driscoll, Matin Lucas, Kay Lucas, Haydn Griffiths, Mark Bryant, Alan Stones, Jon Dallimore, Nicky Freeman, Richard Cronin, Ben Arkell, Katie Robie.

Apologies: Andy Blackmore, Claire Dallimore, Clive Corsfield, Mark Ponsford, Rob West.

Last Year’s Minutes

  • We didn’t take a team to the fell relays this year but expect to field a men’s and ladies’ team next year. Distance prevented many from attending.
  • We did the Transfan – Ollie Lamford and Katie Roby joint awarded the trophy.
  • New kit available – small men’s and women’s vests.
  • Mid-week summer series was organised this year. Three people completed four events to qualify. Thought to grow in coming years. We need to formalise it and work on prizes and awarding prizes. Matt Stott taking over from Chris to do stats of results. Gary to contact local businesses for sponsorship.

Matters Arising

London Marathon

  • One place for a club member to run in London Marathon provided by British Athletics (BA). Members will need to be registered with BA/WA. Consensus from feedback was that it should be limited to registered individuals and priority given to those who’ve applied in the ballot unsuccessfully. If this does not apply to any members, it will be opened up. Gary to circulate a message to members to close the opportunity this weekend.

Web Design Bulletin

  • Ollie has been working on the website and has registered a domain address:
  • The web news blog will take over from the newsletter but an email version could also be sent out.
  • It will be up and running by Christmas to be completed by Ollie Lamford.
  • Questions arise; who will update it? Matt Stott has agreed to collect results from races. It will need several people to find/write blog posts.

Race Organisation

  • The same people are marshalling and organising each race year after year. More organisers are required to take on the races to ensure they continue and more volunteers are needed to support races.
  • We need to be more proactive in responding for calls for volunteers.
  • Race organisers need to ask for support earlier, for example, a number of months in advance, it’s been too last minute and people can’t then commit (Kay Lucas).
  • All races require more marshal for safety, it shouldn’t be done on a shoe string because the results would be catastrophic (Martin Lucas).

New Runners

  • Sometimes new runners can’t keep up. Particularly the case for new female
  • We need a system in place to identify runs suitable for beginners and advertise them online. Distance, altitude and time on feet to be advertised.
  • Perhaps one run a month suitable for novices. Steady/fast group. Buddy up new runners with someone if necessary.
  • Nicky’s first run experience put her off.
  • We are aiming to cater for all abilities so need to keep asking what beginners need.

Glastonbury Tor Trophy

  • A gift from Andy Creber to be awarded for ridiculous achievements. Because it is breast shaped a vote was taken to consider returning the trophy encase it might cause offense to any members it could be interpreted as sexist. A vote decided that the trophy ought to be awarded on merit and to possibly change its shape.

Officer’s Reports

Lucy Baker, Secretary – Form needs to be completed and returned for the club’s membership with WA.

Andrew Blackmore, Treasurer –

Gary Davies, Membership Secretary – 60 – 70 members per year, club is getting younger, females increased by 25% since last year, average age is 47. There are 64 members; 48 male, 16 female. Carol Pitman, Nicky Freeman, Sasha Hapgood are new members and Nicky recently won the Gower Marathon (1st Female).

Chris Jones, Men’ s Captain – Chris is leaving so Matt Stott was nominated and agreed to take over as men’s captain.

Lucy Baker, Lady’s Captain – Achievements: Claire Dallimore, Rose, Alice, Sasha, Katy Roby, Nicky, Caroline. We won ladies’ team prize at Haterall Hammer race. We didn’t field a ladies’ team for the fell relays because of the distance with them being in Scotland. But we were only one runner short and next year we will field a team. There is a growing number of women in the club. Still need to encourage more women into the club. Lucy identified an issue with team prizes being awarded to men and women being left out of this. Lucy to approach race organisers to ask for women’s team prizes or mixed team prizes. Chris to contact WFRA on this matter.

John Aggleton, Chair – Achievements: Harry, Hugh, Caroline and John all running for Wales this Year. Marcus running for Ireland in orienteering. Impressive achievements all-round.

Election of Officers

Matt Stott – Men’s Captain

Martyn Driscoll – organising pub venues/bookings

Matt Stott and Gary Davies – Mid-Week series


  • John Aggleton holds the new MDC running kit.
  • Team events – Apologies from Gary for not being able to organise an event this year. Suggestions for next year’s event Cambrian Way or Dragon’s Back. It needs to be inclusive in terms of length and difficulty. Date to be confirmed – August Bank Holiday is inconvenient.
  • We are paying £100 to WFRA in sponsorship.
  • We need a volunteer to organise Transfan 2017 – Mark Ponsford could be approached to do this.
  • Membership runs 1st January – 31st December but WA membership runs April – April. Gary suggests amalgamating these dates. 2017 membership will run Jan 1st – April, 2018 then April – April from then on to be in line with WA membership.
  • Thanks to all at Taff’s Well headquarters for hospitality for Tuesday winter runs. A soup rota might be useful to ensure the soup duties are evenly spread. More soup volunteers are needed. Question raised do we need to reimburse Marcus and Lucy – No, brining bread or similar and especially soup (now and again) would be really helpful.
  • Question raised: do we need to reimburse Marcus for printing costs?
  • Thanks to Marcus for leading runs and route planning.
  • Chair thanks all for coming.