Skirrid fell race – 17th December 2016

Skirrid fell race – 17th December 2016

Race Details

Distance : 3.6 miles / 5.8 km

Climb : 1476 ft / 450m (over two climbs)

General description : Something for everyone.  “Fast” sloped fields to and from the Skirrid that gave more than enough warm-up and but a long run into the finish.  The first climb from the fields to the top ridge was gradual and slightly slippy. This was immediately followed by a steep technical descent through the heather, straight into a boulder field then back up the the North face of the skirrid.  This was a definitely a hands and knees job.  At the top you could hardly lift your head above your knees to take in the view before you were sent straight back down.  There was some choice to which way you went down but this was overridden by the will to get down in one piece.  Then began the chase to the finish.

Hardest part : finding a seat in the pub

Runners: 147 (18 MDC)


Weather : overcast

Temperature : +8°C

Wind : negligible SW probably

Visibility : Good

Underfoot : Getting a bit slippy


Well done all!

Full results can an be found here

MDC Prizes:

1st F50 : Alice Bedwell

2nd M: Matt Stott

2nd M40 : Marcus Pinker

1st M70 : Rob West

2nd M70 : Les Pugh

First Men’s team

What’s next?

7th January 2017 – Kymin fell race – last year’s info here

21st January 2017 – Craig yr Allt (winter)