MDC AGM Minutes 2020

MDC AGM Minutes 2020

Minutes of meeting; Virtual AGM Mynyddwyr de Cymru – via Zoom   Tuesday 3rd November 2020
Minutes prepared by Chris Farr – Club Secretary  

1 – In Attendance:
John Hallet Chris Farr Oliver Lamford Marcus Pinker Matt Whipple Gethin Thomas Karen Elvers Andrew Blackmore Gareth Jones Alice Bedwell Mark Saunders Gary Davies John Aggleton Donna Wharton Nick Dallimore Cara Cullen (and Berian Elias) Dmitri Shastin Ian Macklin Penny Lewis Martyn Driscoll Becky Smith Williams Alan Stone Matt O’Keefe Mark Ponsford Simon Darke Darren Shaw Rob West Emma Battensby Apologies: Jane Aggleton, Katie Ironside

2 – Last Year’s Minutes

It was agreed that last year’s meeting minutes were considered accurate and accepted.

3 – Matters Arising

Club kit – Simon has produced new hoodies and 40th anniversary t-shirts which have proved very popular

London Marathon entry – Due to cancellation this will roll over. Events / plans – most have had to be cancelled due to ongoing pandemic, however Winter Transfan took place on shortest day.  
Action – Gary D will check if this process is automatic for roll over of London Marathon entry  

4 – Officer’s reports  
A – Secretary – Chris Farr – Chris is happy to continue in role.
B – Treasurer – Andy Blackmore MDC continue to be solvent. Club subscriptions continue to be available at bargain price of £5 annually – this will continue. Only expenditure this year has been usual Welsh Athletics contribution for continued affiliation.
C – Membership Secretary – Gary Davies 55-60 members – vast majority have paid up. 14 Welsh Athletics members also.
D – Club Captains
Katy Roby – Female Captain. Katy has apologised as unable to currently fully commit to this role.
Matt O’Keefe – Male Captain. 5 members have signed up for next year’s Dragons Back race – Martyn, Simon Roberts, Keri, Dmitri and Matt O’Keefe. Fell relays – successful competition with victory over Mynydd Du. Covid pandemic has led to cancellation of most events, however there were 2 teams at Wyedean Relay in August – with 4th and 9th places (including 2nd placed Mixed Vets team).
E – Welfare Officers – Alice Bedwell and Mark Saunders Nothing of significance to report.
F – President – John Aggleton John congratulated everyone for keeping the Tuesday nights running as Zoom quizzes, socialising through lockdown periods and low key runs when able to gather.  

5 – Election of Officers – volunteer roles  

Secretary – Chris confirmed happy to continue in role
Treasurer – Andrew happy to continue in role
Membership Secretary – Gary happy to continue in role
Club Captains – Matt O’Keefe happy to continue in role as Male Captain. Donna Wharton was nominated and accepted role as new Female Captain (conditional on Katy’s agreement)
Welfare Officers – happy to continue in role.
President – John happy to continue in role for now, but would like to keep this under review as currently not running much or able to compete.  

Ollie Lamford queried whether it might be appropriate to appoint a ‘Covid-Safe Officer’ and nominated Alan Stone. All in agreement.  

Note that Oli was thanked for his continued good work on the website. Covid risk assessment and procedure details are currently available on MDC website front page.
Action – Oli will add the ICE card to website which has proved successful new procedure.  

6 – Tuesday night runs Thanks were expressed for the hard work that the organising group continue to put into arranging these runs. Particular thanks were made to Marcus Pinker, John Hallet, and Martyn Driscoll. Marcus confirmed he is happy to continue in his role as organiser.  

Going forward post-firebreak period –   Agreed that we will rotate 3 types of runs throughout winter during periods where restrictions allow:  
1) Runs further afield – e.g. Penderyn or Sugar Loaf etc
2) Runs within the Valleys area
3) ‘North Cardiff’ runs which were suggested to commence at Taff’s Well Station – allowing active travel and car (both types of parking available)

Appreciated that even though many members do live in the Cardiff area, many are further afield. Some discussion around this but as long as we swap round the type of runs listed above everyone happy with plan.  

Issues raised around communication of Tuesday night runs which have recently been promoted only on Facebook. However, this was agreed during re-commencement discussions following initial lockdown to avoid too many attendees. Suggested that we could now promote runs on What’s App too, especially as some members don’t use Facebook at all or not regularly.  

7 – Events / Grand Days out  

Ideas discussed were a South Wales Traverse. Some are keen on winter traverse / Winter Transfan which will be kept low key (mooted to be over Christmas and New Year period). Also Winter ‘League in a Day’ run. All of these suggested are long, arduous runs involving many hours on your feet and sections in the dark.

Also require driving with car sharing the usual modus operandi which would need to be avoided at present.   Confirmed events with same start and finish point have now been arranged. Running in small groups with full kit;   Black Mountains Fell Race Route – Nov 28th Brecon Beacons Fell Race Route – Dec 19th  

8 – AOB

 Cara mentioned she is continuing some work on the history of MDC.  
Action – if members have anything to contribute to this please contact Cara.